Fuel Delivery

Welch Oil Company, LLC offers dependable delivery of high-quality fuel products across our Maine and New Hampshire service area. All of our fuel options are available through will-call delivery on an as-needed basis. Some fuels, like home heating oil, have an automatic delivery option for added convenience. Automatic delivery customers don’t have to worry about placing fuel orders. Instead, we will monitor your tank level and schedule automatic deliveries in quantities that make it easier for you to pay.

We at Welch Oil understand that every home and business has a different need for fuel, and we’re pleased to offer a variety of options to fit your personalized requirements. Please continue reading to see the fuels we offer, and click the link to learn more about our supply and delivery of each one. If you are trying to decide which fuel to use for your home or business, please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss the topic together!


High-Quality Fuel Products

  • Home Heating Oil
    Home heating oil is a safe, reliable, available, and affordable option for your home or business.
  • Kerosene
    Kerosene’s unique benefit is that it’s resistant to gelling, which can clog fuel lines and is caused by cold weather. Since we get a lot of cold weather in New Hampshire and Maine, kerosene is perfect for outdoor tanks.
  • On-Road Diesel
    Commercial and residential customers alike love our on-road diesel fuel because of its incredible efficiency and reliability. It’s also extremely affordable and abundant in the area, meaning we’ll always fill your tank as soon as possible after you request it.
  • Off-Road Diesel
    Off-road diesel is a great option for customers looking for a reliable fuel source for their off-road equipment. Whether you’re looking to power your boat, generator, construction equipment, tractor, or otherwise, Welch Oil has your back.

Have a different question? Please call us at (207) 363-2770 or contact us online! A member of our customer support team will gladly assist you.