Price Protection

Here at Welch Oil Company LLC, we strive to always show the utmost respect for you and your hard-earned dollars. We treat you like family, and want to provide you with as many opportunities to save on fuel costs that we can. For this reason, we have created customized Price Protection Plans to protect your heating bills from market fluctuation. Find out why so many customers choose to enroll in Price Protection Plans each year.

What Is a Price Protection Plan?

While we do our best to keep our daily rates affordable, it is impossible to predict how market prices may change over the course of a year. A Price Protection Plan is the easiest way to avoid surprise fuel bills caused by changing rates. Benefits of a Price Protection Plan include…

  • Never pay more than your cap price
  • If market rates fall, you pay the lower price
  • Protection from dramatic market changes

Current Price Protection Plans

Enrollment for our Price Protection Plans for the season have ended! Please check back with us in the spring for next year’s plan details. Please feel free to call or contact us online with questions.