Kerosene Delivery in New England

Kerosene is used all over the world, with consumption totaling nearly 20 billion gallons a year.  Many home and business owners in the York, ME area choose to use kerosene as a fuel source because of its accessibility and low cost.

We supply high quality and clean-burning kerosene for your convection or radiant kerosene heater.  Kerosene fuel is a reliable option and can provide quick, balanced comfort to any home or business.  Equipment that burns on kerosene requires no electricity, so you can rely on heat and functionality even during power outages. Kerosene’s added benefits are that it can fuel stoves, lanterns, and other similar items, making it a versatile energy source.

Our minimum order of Kerosene is 150 gallons (if your tank takes less then our minimum amount at deliver time you will be charged for 150 gallons).  We deliver Kerosene on Wednesdays.


kerosene fan

What Makes Kerosene Unique

Kerosene is known for its resistance to gelling, a reaction that happens in cold weather. If you have an outdoor fuel tank, kerosene may be the perfect option for you. Since we live in a colder climate than many, gelling can cause damage to fuel lines and result in costly repairs.


Kerosene Safety

All of the fuels we provide can be used safely, with proper awareness and maintenance. Kerosene, like any other heating fuel, should be used cautiously and handled appropriately, with awareness of proper room ventilation and distance from flammable items like furniture, curtains, blankets, etc. Never leave children or pets unattended near any heater, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the equipment. Kerosene in particular needs to be burned in a well-ventilated area, as it consumes oxygen while it heats. With common-sense precautions and awareness of the area around your heater, you shouldn’t have a problem with its safety.