Budget Plans

You pay for your car, your cell phone, and your insurance with predictable monthly payments – why should your heating bill be any different? Budget Plans from Welch Oil Company, LLC are available to customers that want to make managing fuel costs simple. Our Budget Plans allow you to spread the cost of fuel into more affordably size bills. If you heat your Maine or New Hampshire home or business with fuel from Welch Oil, read on to learn more about our available Budget Plan options.

What Is a Budget Plan?

You can always count on Welch Oil to deliver premium heating fuel at the best possible price. Instead of juggling high heating bills in the winter and nearly non-existent payments in the warmer months, a Budget Plan offers the opportunity to make one predictable payment each month.

  • Keep bills simple
  • Spread out annual heating costs
  • Make a consistent payment

Current Budget Plans

Enrollment for our Budget Plans for the season have ended! Please check back with us in the spring for next year’s plan details. Please contact our office with any additional questions.