Maritime Fuel Delivery

There’s no denying it, one of the major reasons people live in and visit Maine and New Hampshire is because of the coast. Harbors and marinas in our area are major hubs for recreational and commercial boating. This is why we at Welch Oil Company, LLC are pleased to offer reliable off-road diesel delivery for maritime use. Our maritime fuel has what it takes to power your boat in the Southern Maine or Seacoast New Hampshire region.


dock and ocean

Prompt Delivery You Can Trust

Reliability is everything when it comes to powering boats and other off-road diesel equipment. Without high-quality diesel fuel, you could become stranded at sea! Welch Oil will deliver diesel fuel to your boat’s docked location for added convenience. With our premium off-road diesel in your tank, you can rest assured that you will get you home safely when it’s time to return to shore.

High-Quality Diesel

Our diesel fuel is clean-burning and efficient, getting you where you need to go. Whether you’re going on a short trip around a lake or a week-long fishing expedition in the Atlantic, we’ve got you covered. To place your off-road diesel order, use our online delivery request form or call us at (207) 363-2770. We’ll be glad to process your order and deliver the fuel you need, right to the seaside!